Friday, January 29, 2010

Hi people, have not posted for a long time so I will post now. It is time to prove my worth as a hardworker as I am gonna have test soon. Now I just need to finish my homework......

Saturday, January 9, 2010

camp reflection

On day 4 of orientation , we went to Sarimbun scout camp for a 2 - day 1 - night camp. I learnt a lot during the camp, especially about teamwork , respect and leadership. I learnt that we must work together to succeed in the things we do, I learnt that from the night hike and team building.This will definitely help in the future, especially for group projects. For respect, I learnt that while other people are talking we should not and vice versa, helps us carry ourselves as more polite human beings. What I learnt about leadership is that everyone can be the leader including the follower and we must be firm to be a good leader.

Playing all the activities, I would like to redo rock wall as it has a lot of replay-ability ( video game review language), you just want to keep beating your record of high you climb or how fast you take.

I would like to improve on my resilience (in a physical way) as I gave up on rock wall once I was unable to reach bump on the wall.

Well, that's all for now.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

What is education in SST about?

My take on this topic is that it's about applied learning , learning through doing . Applied learning will help us absorb our subjects better due to the hands - on - experience. With this, we would have more time to learn more , thus also allowing us to expand our learning networks. With all this knowledge , we will graduate SST as people which is ever ready.

the amazing race debrief

One of our school values is "expanding our learning networks". What I understand from it is that we should not limit our learning horizon just to school, but to the community and in fact the whole world. Today, we had an amazing race activity, we had to travel around Clementi on foot, completing challenges along the way. When we walked around the neighbourhood ,we were asked look around and see what SST could improve. We could help out at elderly homes, etc, thus staying true to the the value.

By expanding our learning networks, it will help us learn many different types things, it would help a lot in the future. It may also help us absorb stuff we learned too.
Forging excellence (school value) means to achieve in whatever you do by working hard and doing your best. With my "hardworking" attribute, it did help me achieve with PSLE, getting me a score of over 260. I think I should learn how to make full use of time and more. In order to for the class to excel, I think I should do well in my studies first and then help others with their weak points second.

Monday, January 4, 2010

school vision

The 3 words I identified are 'Globally', 'Connected' and 'Institution'.
Globally: refers to not just singapore but to the whole world.
Connected: refers to being in contact with the world
Institution: refers to SST being a top school in Singapore, school is just a word that does no represent the top like institution does.

4 jan#4 Bridge building activity-Debrief 2 personal reflection

I think that my group did work pretty well, there were not that many arguments especially when we were planning. However, during the construction of the bridge not all of the members were working, some were slacking. We did interact between each other but not all of them were listening. I learnt that I am probably a democratic leader. I was a bit worried about communication in the group because it was a new group but after working with them, I got over it.

why i created this blog

I have to create this blog apparently because my school ask me to do this, so yeah......