Saturday, January 9, 2010

camp reflection

On day 4 of orientation , we went to Sarimbun scout camp for a 2 - day 1 - night camp. I learnt a lot during the camp, especially about teamwork , respect and leadership. I learnt that we must work together to succeed in the things we do, I learnt that from the night hike and team building.This will definitely help in the future, especially for group projects. For respect, I learnt that while other people are talking we should not and vice versa, helps us carry ourselves as more polite human beings. What I learnt about leadership is that everyone can be the leader including the follower and we must be firm to be a good leader.

Playing all the activities, I would like to redo rock wall as it has a lot of replay-ability ( video game review language), you just want to keep beating your record of high you climb or how fast you take.

I would like to improve on my resilience (in a physical way) as I gave up on rock wall once I was unable to reach bump on the wall.

Well, that's all for now.

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