Friday, August 13, 2010

Monday, March 22, 2010

Reflection to I and E workshop and field trip

3 things I learnt:
I have learnt that we must have an open mind when innovating.
I have learnt that wild ideas are sometimes better than sane ones because we will be thinking out of the box and hence coming up with fresh ideas.
I also learnt that having one conversation at a time is important.

2 things to improve on:
I think that the workshop was a bit dry sometimes.
I think that the museum trip should not have so much work, it will prevent us from appreciating the designs.

1 important thing :
I think that when innovating, teamwork is vital. Without teamwork, there will be constant bickering and the quality and efficiency may not be up to standard.

Friday, March 12, 2010

I haven't post so this more of a self voluntary reflection for the ten weeks in SST and the new rivals I made. I think that the ten weeks were whirlwind of events, preparition and of course adjustment. I think that there were many events, after all this being the first week of school and in fact the first week of the newly opened SST. We had the orientation which I have posted my reflections on this blog. I bonded a lot during the camp with me newfound friends. I was rather surprised that I was able to adjust so well in this unfamiliar environment . I had fun and learnt some of the fundementals of teamwork on the first day and this further is reinforced during the camp. I also learnt the importance of moral support as well during events like abseiling, rock-climbing etc. I subconcoiusly ( I know I spelt it wrongly) bonded with my friends in the camp. So, SST you were really smart to have invested in the camp, the money was well spent. A few weeks later, the Chinese new year concert was approaching and we had to have a dance or digital animation which had to be matched with the GarageBand we made. I think my class did really well in the auditions but maybe because of the unoriginal song we used, we did not get through the auditions. However, for some weird reason I was chosen to be the emcee for the Chinese new year event. I was super nervous at that time and made a few mistakes because I was rushed. I had some "critics"(classmates) criticise me, saying that I had no suspense whatsoever. So if given the chance, I will try my best to be better. After that I had all the tests coming in, I was completely humbled. I had to admit that I was rather arrogant when I first came to SST due to my high t-score. Boy did I learn my lesson. I failed my first maths quiz due to lots careless mistakes and lousy presentation, got pretty low for my science as compared to my rival. I learnt my lesson that no matter how good you are, never underestimate others. I am now struggling to catch up with me rival showing a few little improvements acting as little stepping stones to my road to success. I had a five mark improvement in maths, a half mark improvement in science (I still improved okay!). Now it is the school holidays and I will try my best to catch up with my rivals. This post also acts as reminder to work hard during my free time. Let's see what the road to excellence has in store for me, I can't wait.'

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Saturday, February 20, 2010

Oratorical contest

When I first registered for the contest i managed to get a quick glance of the schools participating. I was in awe. All the schools that are parcipating were all the top schools RI, ACSI and Methodist girls school too. Each and everyone of them were at least sec 2 and above, uwas definitely the youngest one there. I was against all odds. When i did my first speech, I was very confident because the topic was easy , I came up with great examples and I injected loads of humor and I was easily the funniest speaker in the room. However, my second speech was not as good as the topic was very hard but I tried to male the most out of it. With my total score , I could not advance to the next round and I was quite disappointed. I stayed on and watched my friends do the semi finals and I understood why I did not get in. They were speaking with such passion, such gusto. It was a truly humbling experience , I stayed on until the competition was over and supported the friends I made there and I learnt alot from the finalists. Even though I was disappointed for not getting the award but I made alot of good friends, it was quite fun. As the terminator said ,"I'll be back.".

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Friday, January 29, 2010

Hi people, have not posted for a long time so I will post now. It is time to prove my worth as a hardworker as I am gonna have test soon. Now I just need to finish my homework......

Saturday, January 9, 2010

camp reflection

On day 4 of orientation , we went to Sarimbun scout camp for a 2 - day 1 - night camp. I learnt a lot during the camp, especially about teamwork , respect and leadership. I learnt that we must work together to succeed in the things we do, I learnt that from the night hike and team building.This will definitely help in the future, especially for group projects. For respect, I learnt that while other people are talking we should not and vice versa, helps us carry ourselves as more polite human beings. What I learnt about leadership is that everyone can be the leader including the follower and we must be firm to be a good leader.

Playing all the activities, I would like to redo rock wall as it has a lot of replay-ability ( video game review language), you just want to keep beating your record of high you climb or how fast you take.

I would like to improve on my resilience (in a physical way) as I gave up on rock wall once I was unable to reach bump on the wall.

Well, that's all for now.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

What is education in SST about?

My take on this topic is that it's about applied learning , learning through doing . Applied learning will help us absorb our subjects better due to the hands - on - experience. With this, we would have more time to learn more , thus also allowing us to expand our learning networks. With all this knowledge , we will graduate SST as people which is ever ready.