Saturday, February 20, 2010

Oratorical contest

When I first registered for the contest i managed to get a quick glance of the schools participating. I was in awe. All the schools that are parcipating were all the top schools RI, ACSI and Methodist girls school too. Each and everyone of them were at least sec 2 and above, uwas definitely the youngest one there. I was against all odds. When i did my first speech, I was very confident because the topic was easy , I came up with great examples and I injected loads of humor and I was easily the funniest speaker in the room. However, my second speech was not as good as the topic was very hard but I tried to male the most out of it. With my total score , I could not advance to the next round and I was quite disappointed. I stayed on and watched my friends do the semi finals and I understood why I did not get in. They were speaking with such passion, such gusto. It was a truly humbling experience , I stayed on until the competition was over and supported the friends I made there and I learnt alot from the finalists. Even though I was disappointed for not getting the award but I made alot of good friends, it was quite fun. As the terminator said ,"I'll be back.".

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  1. Well, at least you tried your best and put in your best effort, so you should be proud of yourself. By the way, for the science homework on the septicemia, credits go to everyone in the group as everyone put in effort and did what they were supposed to do.